06 April 2009

a handmade how-to of eggs for spring and easter

Retro Mama's image of handmade eggs.

spring is here.  easter is approaching.  what a better sign of new life and the promise within than eggs.  Retro Mama has posted a great tutorial on her blog on making these beautiful eggs, pictured above.  i love the moda fabrics above--some of which i own.  too cute.  if you want to get together to make these, check out Fleur Fabrics Blog.  

these eggs are constructed very similarly the balloon ball pictured above (a.k.a. a balloon holder which gives a single balloon way more oomph and an incredible life span).  the balloon ball tutorial that i started back in october.  as i looked for the link to add to this post, i realized i left it unfinished. oops.  adding this tutorial post to this week's to do list, i'll offer it here soon.  in the meantime, making these eggs will be great practice.  there are little beach balls on the purlbee blog which i've mentioned in the past and will mention again, as they're super easy and fun.  

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