09 October 2008

firefighter man

jo loves imaginative play as bunnies, birds, firefighters, and all other sorts.  he's been excited about the "firefighter man" jacket that i saw on two straight lines gallery .  she was kind enough to point me in the right direction. thankfully the hancock's fabrics was having a super sale and we bought the pattern, materials, and some extra bias for my cape project.  i created the pants from a shorts pattern I plan to use for next summer's attire.  Jo chose the colors.  the orange was his first and second and third choice.  

here are the completed pants, which i think have a firefighter/construction vibe going.  i liked the addition of my pockets, bringing in the brown from the jacket and thick trim at the bottom of the legs.  he's enjoyed these already. 

we're making our gift bags for his various classmates and friends and neighboring trick-or-treaters.  we're adding crayons and we'll make some coloring sheets that will fit into these little bags.  a traveling craft bag for any occasion.  i need to order the best lollipops ever!  hopefully they'll make it in time.  we love these, but our local natural market no longer carries them in the bulk section.  i loved being able to purchase 5-10 at a time, especially when having something sweet is a real treat!

funny story.  because we purchased the owl cloth and the firefighter man fabric at the same time, jo sometimes replies that he's going to be an owl for halloween when asked.  too cute. i will need incorporate that into the jacket with a owl brooch!  better yet, make him an owl trick or treat bag!  


  1. looks GREAT! so talented you are...the only think i can sew are pillows and sheer curtains! LOL!!!

    can't wait to see the finished product!! you MUST post a pic of him at halloween!!! :D

  2. most certainly. we wanted this as an addition to the dress ups, but it's perfect that it's for halloween, too!