05 October 2008

spider fun how to

one of the art activities that i developed while teaching preschool was this one.  i'm happy to share it with you.  marble art has been around for ages and isn't new.  i wanted to create a spider web using white paint on black construction paper and attach a cute little spider with it's silk to it.  ta da.  you can put yourself into these as well.  use a box top for the tub, or a cake pan (6" round seen here).

enjoy the how to. 

spider web marble art

materials:  dark construction paper or card stock, white paint: acrylic, tempra, or gesso (used here), paint cup, marble, spoon, scissors, pencil, string, tape (optional), container (box top, cake pan)
step 1. cut your paper to the shape of your container.  i traced the base of my 6 inch cake pan with a pencil then cut the circle out.

step 2.  place your paper into the container.  

step 3.  place your marble into the white paint.  i'm using the icing cup from cinnamon rolls. save these containers!  they have 20 uses for projects. 

step 4.  after rolling the marble in the paint, have your little helper place the marble on top of the container.  using both hands, roll the marble around by shifting the angle of the box lid or cake pan.  the marble will continue to pick up paint as it rolls around, so you can see a variety of thickness over time.

step 5.  remove the paper to let dry.  

step 6.  cut your spider from your dark paper or have your little one draw a spider on any paper and cut it out.  
step 7.  attach your string to the spider and the web. you can use tape on the wrong side or punch holes in each and tie your string (as seen here).  

once dry, your young one can pretend play with the spider web & spider, decorate with it, or create a game from it.  happy spider days!


  1. that's cool...you're so creative! :D

  2. love this project! mental note do next year with kids!