19 October 2008

playing for peace

driving from my son's day school to feed the fish at the gardens with friends mid-September, i noticed the local elementary school's pinwheels for peace (image above from the linked article) on their highly trafficked corner of the world.  there were at least 100 pinwheels blowing in the wind.  it was a sight i wanted to capture.  oh how i wished i had stopped to capture that moment on film, but alas, i did not have my camera.  i drove by again the next morning and the sign was in place, but the pinwheels were gone.  perhaps due to inclement weather, perhaps because world peace day has passed.  here's the official website for pinwheels for peace, started in 2005.

how can we capture peace?  my hope is that peace can spread with the wind (ruah), from one to another.  i love that this art is peaceful in nature and beautiful in movement.  it's rooted. while stationary it moves with the wind.  what peace moves through us this day?  
political statement?  yes.  here's a banner that moves with the wind, hanging from our porch. neighborhood children were aroused to talk about the election as i was hanging up the sign. it's that important.  oh the winds of change are a blowin'--winds of peace.  maybe we can bring forms of peace to ourselves and our neighbors.  peace of mind, peaceful nights' sleep, peace. that is my prayer.  peace, friends and neighbors.