02 August 2008

what's up

a few of you folks have told me that i don't update too often, which is true. over the past month i have ended the bereavement group, traveled to mississippi, prepared for two art shows (more to come), and tried to adjust to consulting & contract work. all in all, it's been a good july. my birthday was great. my man and i ate at a wonderful mediterranean & lebanese restaurant in jackson, ms called jerusalem cafe. delish. really, really good. and i have pictures to account for the trip, which will also come.

lately i've been thinking about "stuff." thoughts, hurts, complaints, and just things accumulate in our lives to the point of let down. i'm in a philosophical mode, but i'm also in a healing, cleansing mode. i'm thinking through my business, silvertreeart, my home space, and my relationships (time and energy need to flow into them more). so, there'll be a new connect i will try to accomplish through out the space, including this blog. cross your fingers that it happens and is good. for all of us involved.

so, for now that's what's up. for later-there will be more to share: projects, art, hopes, wisdom, and musings.


1 comment:

  1. i can't tell you how much seeing you recharged me. you rock...and that kid of yours...well, you can just leave him with me the next time you come down.

    love you. mean it.