11 July 2008

sweet harmony continued

we completed a 7 session support group and as a gift to one of the mothers, a beautiful cupcake by artreverie was given as seen above. artreverie did a fabulous job adding the touch of a red car, in honor of the son who played with his cousin's hot wheels cars. this child was a gift and his life and light will be remembered as his mother cherishes each memory and lights a candle on this cupcake on chosen days.

so that i could remember and explain this story to others, i wanted to have one of these special cupcakes. it becomes a part of our family story as we can celebrate birthdays of those we love who are apart from us by distance or by death. and each time i look upon it, i will send energy and blessings to those of the support group, my sisterhood, and to this talented artist for pulling so much together with haste.

jo said, "mmm. lick it." it looks too good. you just want to eat it up!

these and other cupcakes can be purchased from artreverie's etsy site. they can be for any occasion or just because you love cupcakes! i recommend you get one or a dozen!