27 June 2008

sweet harmony

some time ago, i read the post from the small object on some great cupcakes that were created by artreverie out of atlanta. i thought they were too cute. after some weeks leading our journey through grief group where 6 women (including myself) have carved a safe space for a shared sisterhood, i knew i needed a cupcake from artreverie. a young mother who lost her son almost a year ago to SIDS was celebrating his first birthday last week. i immediately thought of these cupcakes as a way to "celebrate the light and life of her son" on his birthday, special occasions, or during any ol' day. i mentioned this to the mother, whom i'll call sunflower (because she's bright and full of life, standing tall amidst such pain-always pointed in the direction of the sun), and sunflower thought it would be perfect.

so the story continues with me contacting artreverie. her generosity in her artform comes in as she has specially created car cupakes with one for sunflower's special cupcake flavors: buttercream frosting with a yellow cake. i'm getting one, too, so that i can share this harmonious story shared between many women: a sweet story of love, sharing, and ritual. and each time i use this cupcake, i will not only celebrate life of sunflower's son, but of all children and mothers.
i love working in these bereavement support groups for many reasons, and this shared experience is just one. more to come!


  1. I would like, very much, to share my story, at the loss of my best-friend/husband, 14 months 13 days ago.
    Let me know if possible.
    Many thanks.
    Sheila Joyce Gibbs
    ph. no. 250-995-1643

  2. shelia,
    thank you for your invitation to share your story. i'll contact you via email and we can make arrangements.
    peace be with you...and when anxious, breathe in deeply, knowing you are loved and send your love to him when you exhale...

    peace. suzanne