25 May 2008

dinner al fresco

i've set a goal to plan better, healthier meals. whole foods, fresh finds, and tasty treats. of course, this takes time. so: i resigned from my job and have all the time in the world to cook! (or so i think)

Tonight's Menu:
fresh greens from amy's organic
roasted chicken from orangette's blog (it hung out in the fridge for 36+ hours before baking as suggested)
freshly baked focaccia from Baking with Julia
frozen corn (a gal needs to cut corners somewhere!)
fresh cherries

we dined in the backyard under ye ole tent for the craft shows. it needs use in the between time. prior to dinner i was able to get some photos made of the new flower drawings--soon to appear on etsy. new earrings are in the works as well as some custom orders. i hope to be quilting soon!
new shop: find my goods at straw and feathers on lakeside here in richmond, va. a full shop listing to come. trying to put energy into new stores!


  1. I love your flowers!!! Those are awesome.

  2. LOVE the flowers! the food looks good, too!

    congrats on quiting 'the man'. i'm so proud of YOU!!! xoxo

  3. i sure am missin' your blog!!!

    hope all is well...love ya.

  4. herro??? where you at, heffa???? :D

  5. I love your flowers! I need to find your Etsy shop :-)

  6. bit o' a snag: these will be upcoming in the etsy shop. will have a big shop update in the coming month!

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