20 May 2008

strawberry preserves

yum. i made strawberry lime preserves and they're great on yogurt, waffles, and to come: a drink base. we've only had a little time to try them since last night, but woo hoo, good stuff. i used the Italian Family Jam recipe from orangette and modified it by adding thinkly sliced limes and lime juice to the lemon juice. My batch has 2/3 fresh and 1/3 frozen (those remaining from last year's trip) and it's just good. in the recipe it recommends using the foam on top of yogurt and it's to die for. i was a little put off, but i think this is the equivalent of the foam that marcel and others create on top chef--only better. I made 18 pint jars. See a few here.
This picture catches the light and you can see how beautiful these strawberries are!

joseph said these were for drumming...how fun.


  1. yummy!!!!!! :D

    i am so proud of your new employment adventure. you go, girl!

    prayers and (((hugs))) your way!!!

  2. Now that school is out I am ready to get started on canning. This sounds soooo good!