18 May 2008

strawberry days

last weekend my friend elizabeth and i worked my silvertreeart booth at the strawberry street market benefitting fox elementary school. and i received an awesome henna tatoo from joan, a neighboring vendor. more info to come on how to have her over for a henna party!

check out an article with q & a with me at silvertreeart on the richmond craft mafia's blog.
this weekend joseph and i enjoyed picking strawberries at the berry patch (off Darbytown Road a couple miles past Dorey Park) which can be found on www.pickyourown.org.
it's so close to our home and i'll say. this year they did it well...live music (great, too), the BEST shrimp & oyster po boys we've had in richmond prepared by louisiana flair catering, great weather--though i'm not sure how much they controlled that--and more clean kids toys in the front yard. mmm...
of course! we have our own little tradition after picking strawberries: strawberry pie with a shortbread crust from our trusty simply in season cookbook. oh, what a weekend...
strawberry days...and strawberry preserves to come tomorrow night!

eat well.


  1. i just ate....and you have made me hungry all over again.

    i could eat that boy up with cool whip!! too cute!!!

  2. that is a lot of strawberry love! so cute!