09 August 2008

happy sad heart

these words describe my feelings tonight as i sit with my hubby watching the olympics only half-hearted. and these words come from another clergy woman i have spent the last four days with at hogwarts a.k.a. the cathedral college in d.c. the young clergywomen conference with ruthanna hooke was truly a breath of fresh air. i will miss seeing those who were present on a daily basis. though, i carry words, movements, and deep "puh" with me. yes, there are some things only those who were there will understand-and that's okay.

my sermon writing took shape and i'm very pleased with myself and the other women with how we embodied the texts that were used in our sermons. we shared laughter and tears and i was reminded that i want to minister to these. you women rock! you are amazing, talented, beautiful women whom i treasure. yes...i'm a bit sappy, perhaps. perhaps i'm firmly grounded with the living water at my feet, flowing up through me, into the well that gushes forth.

perhaps i'm tired...but i am full. i am full with relationships nurtured. i am full with my husband beside me. i am inspired and hope to create new works in the days to come for display here. though "days" may be weeks...we shall see.