10 August 2008

see me

see me run.

joseph and i just ran down the street after enjoying the hymn sing & homemade ice cream social at main street baptist church in danville, va. yum! banana ice cream is amazingly good. made me want to lick the spoon with great care.  i'm looking forward to that recipe!  (Sunday p.m.)

see me read.

i'm currently 3/4-way through reading Midwives by Chris Bohjalian. what i'm looking for:  i'm interested in a condensed list of really, really good reading.  we've been cleaning out the bookshelves and i'm not seeing a great deal of fiction i haven't read.  we're starting to do the library once a week, so for those of you who read, share the love.  i will try to post a little review as i complete these books.

see me draw.

our art show is up at stir crazy cafe in richmond, va & at our lady of hope health center in richmond, va during august. jayme reaves, the talented photographer (among other fabo traits), and I have many fun pieces that create a really balanced show, in my opinion.

see me eat.

richard made some yummy salsa with tomato, onion, and an avocado (along with cilantro and lime...not sure of the specifics but i'm possibly going to add a little recipe section for the future posts.)  yum.

see me sew.

the quilt from the journey with grief group is coming along. the quilting is so beautiful. pictures coming soon. i'll be adding more fabric into my mixed media, as well as creating some workshops for the wider public to enjoy in the coming year. i just love using fabric. my hands are ready to work.

see me play (catch up).   

some of you have emailed in the recent weeks where we have been traveling.  while i have pledged to be more diligent in my writing, i also need to play catch up with my reading and responding to emails.  please know that you are with me, and i will do my best to respond soon. to my canadian friend, thank you for sharing your story.  i have not forgotten you and will have time to respond in the weeks ahead.

peace, my friends.