19 August 2008

something cute here

as of this morning i am officially a working at home mom.   somehow i haven't been able to fully embrace the newness of this phase, as i have countless obligations and contract work on my plate for the next two months.  but today, i'm going to say full force that it's here--i'm in the wahm pool.  i'll let you know how the water feels once i've been in a while.  i'm not sure what new adventures i will take on, but i know that this is the start of something new, something fresh. in this academic year, i have my goals as all others (return to a healthier self, write a book, examine certifications and firm some business goals) and i hope to complete at least one in full.  of course, promises made should be promises kept.  as such, i will have at least 2 recipes on the blog i've promised by the end of the week.  

hopefully i'll have more to share as well.  good thoughts.  peace.

1 comment:

  1. good luck...i'm in your corner cheering you on...

    i even have signs with glitter!!! :D

    love you.