04 January 2008

the busy bee

i've had three custom orders to complete this year and have been inspired to create these. so, rachel, here are the first to choose from. we'll chat, but you were in my thoughts as I created some of these. i'm also announcing the opening of a sister etsy site to my silvertreeart.etsy.com site. in preparing my upstairs studio i have realized that i have more supplies than i can use...and i want to share them with others. so i'll let you folks know when greenplum.etsy.com is up and running. why greenplum? they are one of my favorite ways to eat a plum...with just a little salt...mmm...

enjoy the picts. be inspired.


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  2. Wow! Rach told me your stuff was amazing and it is! As soon as I rebound from Christmas, I'll call you! :)

  3. great, truvie! i look forward to hearing from you!

    (I deleted the previous comment to see how it would show up on the blog...silly, i know!)