13 January 2008

a quilt

ta da. so warm. so pretty. (i may have already menitoned the quilt i was working on for jayme.) i dreamed of the quilt a couple of years ago but the only part that made it into this quilt is the color of the back, the beautiful brown corduroy that jayme helped pick out herself. i've used moda fabrics on top, along with vintage fabric. i have sewn, cut, re-sewn, and put it all together, using a log cabin assembly to the large pieces. my own cute design, which i have yet to name. still thinking through that part. i LoVeD making this for her! i'm excited to have it in her space in Ireland. a piece of creativity to keep us in mind.

over 2008, i hope to create 2 more quilts. each will be unique. tell me what you think.



  1. i love my quilt, suz. i smile and think of you every time i look at it. your creativity, imagination, ability to do things and tenacity to keep at it inspire me.