26 December 2007


yay fun! i've been inspired by a new find...the small object. http://www.thesmallobject.com i warn you, her stuff is great. i really like the creativity that pours forth. i'm inspired. AND check out the great free downloads on her site. I LOVE sharing...and she's got the ticket. watch out, i may need to share something soon, too!

so...here's the thing: i am dreaming a little. scary, i know. dreaming of how i can carry my arts into the next level. the business i want to open. how to be the mother, wife, artist, minister that i can see. i can taste it. i just need all of that to bubble up and over, whatever that means.

to top things off...i have not 3, not 4, but 5 days off...5 days in a row. i'm so excited that i'm FINALLY going to create my upstairs studio that i don't know what to do! thanks to some of a friend's barn, another friend's glorious help, and richard's carpentry skills...a little paint, a few nails, and some time...i'll have a snappy studio (and pictures to share)!


  1. good luck with the studio! how much fun! wish i was there to help you paint and such...

    saw your mom over the holidays...seeing her face made me think about you...miss you like crazy, girl...

    oh, i have a new blog started...

    i'm cutting back, so i may only post once a month, but it is out there, none the less...

    love you. mean it!

  2. i LOVE my studio behind my house. it makes me feel more creative and gives my mind room to breathe!

    good luck!

  3. it was great talking to you last night! can't hardly wait for my jewelry...

  4. thank you for my christmas happies...they are awesome...just as they always are...

    love you...

  5. thank you, ladies. i'm working on your orders today! looking forward to sharing these with you!

    peace and love,