28 October 2007

apple picking!

and we went apple picking today! here's a touched up image of joseph picking his own apple...if i'm not mistaken, this is the one he munched happily on for the next half-hour. a VERY good, juicy apple, i might add! Chiles Peach Orchard between Greenwood and Crozet, VA. www.ChilesPeachOrchard.com we'll make another stop there, too! they were great and said that pink ladies will be in soon...my personal favorite. i LOVE sharing apple picking with joseph and richard. on my grandparent's farm were (and still are) a handful of apple trees, pear trees, figs, pecan, as well as the summer garden. i crave fresh (right off the tree) apples and pears! here we have them. apple pie we come (but to just eat the apple right from the core is the BEST that you can do!

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