28 October 2007

weekend getaway

we just returned from a wonderful trip to big meadow and other stops along the skyline drive. joseph enjoyed the great outdoors. i counted 13 deer that we saw while on foot, along with around 8-10 others from the car. no bears, but lots of great images from the beautiful, changing colors of fall. when we arrived yesterday, the clouds were draping the mountain with such somber beauty. i was touched by the "pockets of clarity" where the cloud was higher and you could see the colors of the leaves and the grey of the tree bark stretching up to the cloud. in fact, i will use these images in my sermon tomorrow. i didn't catch these images on film because i was simply too struck to do so. however, here is one glimpse of fall which i find particularly lovely. today everything was so bright and crisp from rain--everything seemed nourished. we're certainly home and well fed, well loved, and thanful for time together. now, that's not to say that we each have a full week ahead. i know we were each pleased to have a moment to stop and enjoy each other and the created world around us...and such a beautiful world it can be.