31 October 2007

sticky fingers

joseph and i went trick-or-treating with the ole church group for the second year. he loved watching the children walk around the neighborhood and interact with one another. often he called out to them. as i was pushing the stroller in the dark, i developed a new appreciation for the wednesday night church ritual for so many. as a former christian educator, i tried to attend to the spiritual and emotional lives of those who would come to church, providing what would hopefully feed the mind, body, and spirit. since i am no longer working in a church, wednesday night acitivies are an option. most of the last 5 wednesday nights i have had obligations to be at church, leading a group with a colleague. let me say: it takes great effort to go from work to childcare to church...only to get home late, overlooking the needs of the household. (and then stay up late blogging) hopefully, there will be something to feed my and my family's mind, body, and spirit on those nighs we choose to participate. tonight was nice...would have been much nicer had joseph not had multiple pieces of candy (some of which i didn't realize he had been given). so...he's in bed an hour-and-a-half late...thanks to sugar and a well-intentioned mom. peace this hallows eve.


  1. he's so cute! glad you had a good halloween. loves ya...