06 April 2013

{{this}} moment. here. now.

what a week! spring break with my boy, which has been really good. life. making plans for new projects and artwork and stoles to create. piecing together my life-work-motherhood-ministry quilt in slow, meaningful ways. carving space for quiet. space for organizing. space for weeding.

listening to the voice within telling me when to speak up and when to keep silent. what is mine to carry and what is not mine to carry. listening to wisdom whisper when to take risks ((and sometimes being the bold she-creature that says YES!)).

thinking of folks who are suffering or witnessing others suffer. a mama whose heart needs to be with her newborn only to be in the hospital healing from trauma. a father watching it all, whose heart is holding so much just as his hands hold his newborn daughter. thinking of a sweet, sweet one who lost her mama last week to cancer. my heart breaks for these two. oh, what a week.

laughter and tears. witnessing beauty and pain. being taken for who i am, and completely mis-understood and mis-interpreted. it's all in the bowl, my dears. it's all in life's bowl.

through it all: thankful. hopeful. aiming to be brave and kind. aiming to show myself and others kindness, modeling it for my sweet boy. soon to model kindness and love and truth and life to my dear girl.

thankful. hopeful. aiming to be brave and kind. aiming to show myself and others kindness. known and unknown, leaning into both spaces.

embracing life as it is in this moment. in the stillness. in the silliness. in the joy and bravery of it all. hoping. waiting. participating.

hello, lovely you. may your evening and your day be ever so filled with love. filled with thanks. filled with hope. xo.

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