15 April 2013

sometimes our breath is taken away...

today a friend & chaplain i am continuing work with from the lovely facility i was a short term chaplain shared lunch and planning time. as we were creating a celebration of spring for this week, i found out a resident died recently that i was taking wisdom cards to on thursday. i had mentioned her, not having any idea that she would not be here to receive those cards. her death took everyone by surprise.

two souls who have left work in my hands are gone. this dear woman from Scotland who loved my wisdom cards and had shared a number of them with others can no longer share her kindness and generosity. yet her spirit of generosity lives on. another is a fiery woman who could tell stories like no other. she was one with whom i ministered at a church a few years ago. we've kept up at art events and seeing each other in the neighborhood over the years, delighting when we see each other. a missing earring she thought i may have made ((but that i didn't make)) rests on my desk waiting for inspiration in creating a sister piece.

i've had to catch my breath a few times in a few weeks hearing the news.

in the spirit of these beautiful sister souls... i am doing a couple things in memory of each. for my fiery, spirited friend. a necklace for her teenage daughter who is an artist and amazing young woman left longing for her mother. maybe this small piece of her mom, something she loved, will share a little comfort and love for her. for the zesty, dear woman who bonded with me over my lenten lecture series, i will be giving out 16 wisdom cards.

perhaps you need one of those 16 cards. send me a message of what you need in this moment, or just say "me" in the subject line of an email and your address in the body. i'll go with the spirit and send you what is hopefully exactly what you need. email me at slsvinson {at} me {dot} com.

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