15 April 2013

liturgical paraments:: easter time.

last year i was commissioned to create white paraments by a member
for Immanuel Episcopal Church in Old Church, VA in memory of her father.   
they have taken time and have been a delight to create.  
these were hung in time for the eater vigil service this year and 
will continue to hang through eastertide.   

the easter hangings have been a shared vision for quite some time. working with the color story of the hand stitched kneelers filling the sactuary, designed by anne, and stained glass within immanuel, anne and i sought to offer celebration of color, light, and life through the hangings

when i think of easter time, i think of new life, resurrection, color, abundance. when i imagine these hangings as a part of the eucharist and funeral services, my heart is full. we live stories as unique as the combination of colors and intersections on each of the hangings. the hangings tell a story, and you can see your own story in their linear shapes and variety of colors. 

the intersections of color and lines speak to our own journey as individuals and as a church. we are woven in one another's stories, and we take delight in the gifts of abundance.

as an artist and minister, my hope is that you look upon them and find yourself absorbed in wonder, delight, and curiosity. you may notice a more abstract cross. you may see a rainbow.  ou might think of a sunset. wherever you find your thoughts, may you return to a sense of renewal and new life. may you know delight and welcome.

 beautiful flowers picked and arranged from various members adorned each window.  
these are among my favorite flowers, taking me to many days spent lying in the grass of my grandmother's yard surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of daffodils.  what a beautiful gift.

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