17 March 2013

life. {{these days.}}

{{these days.}}  marking today with a few words and numbers that have significance these days.

23 weeks pregnant at this moment.  lecuring the 5th of 6 Mondays during Lent tomorrow.  completing 5 of 7 paraments for Easter for a lovely local Episcopal church.  working on new art :: wisdom cards as bereavement care, woodland love, and new write your own wisdom cards.

we're creating space in our home. breathing room as some say.  and it's feeling good, though we've just begun.  i find myself tired after a full day of sorting, moving, and lifting.  needing to slow the pace and know where my limits are these days.

my time as a part time short term chaplain ends this month, and i'm celebrating and grieving.  it's been a good, good time, filled with good people.  i am thankful and grateful.  i have new words and stories to share.  new themes to build upon for retreats and gatherings.  oh, that feels good.

my mind is opening with thoughts of spring.  buds and blooms.  i'm loving our dear sweet daffodils that hold such bursts of color.  thankful for each.  spending good time in the garden getting it ready.  seeds soon to be planted.  some really need starting now!  and i'm excited for all that is in store.  so much life springing forth.  the birds are getting so chatty.  you can't help but be called into their song, forgetting what you were doing.  they capture me in a way that is so good, so stilling.

i'm cooking, too.  eager to try a few new recipes, though  happy to have tried-and-true dishes that bring comfort and care for their whole food goodness.  even now a pot of black beans simmers on the stove to become two dishes that will feed us well.

mothering continues as i love on my boy of 7 years and celebrate this 8th year of motherhood with a new one growing within.  my boy shares so many conversations about his new sister to come, stomps a bit when frustrated, and continues to open my eyes to wonder and make me laugh, laugh, laugh.  i'm stretched in these mothering days.  i am certainly growing.

here.  these days.  i'm thankful for spaces to create beauty with a few words and images.  i'm thankful for you and our journey here together.  now to make a cup of tea, cook my boy some ramen, and add the final touches to tomorrow's lecture on Holy Pause: The Spirituality of Rest.

peace to you. deep peace.  greening peace.  

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