25 February 2013

stitching hands :: a commissioned landscape stole.

i have loved creating this special stole for lorri.  it's for a friend, so don't tell.  i love the depth, the texture, the colors, and the gift of the whole.  the blessing it will be and is from one friend to another, each pursuing their call in ministry.

i think that's why i create stoles as commissioned works.  i love knowing who i'm creating them for before i ever stitch a single element.  they have their own personality just as the minister who wears them.

my hope is that the blessing from each :: maker and commissioner is felt each time it's worn.  each time it's looked upon as it hangs in a special place.

stitched :: intersections in life, motherhood, and ministry.  integrated.  folded.  and shared.

((actual colors, whereas the other two photos are with the rise filter on instagram.))

if you are interested in ordering your own custom stole for youreself or another, 
please contact me and we'll get to work together.  
each is designed and created with love.  



  1. I was the recipient of this incredible stole, and plan to write about the stole as part of a story of my journey to ministry. Would it be ok if I shared these photos on my blog? Thanks!

    1. Absolutely, Cheryl! Please add a link to your blog, too.

  2. Here is my post! http://wildernesspathways.com/blog/?p=425

    Thank you so much - you can't even know how much of a blessing this is to me.