24 February 2013

colors of my day: 2.22.2013.

my friend aijung kim with her intuitive readings in the studio.  
love her golden moth illumination deck and the readings were great.   
i'm such a fan.  i could gush and gush.  
aijung's work is soulful, connective, and golden.  
visit her on etsy, folks.  

assembled the top of the baby's smaller quilt.  
i decided the larger one i've started isn't what i'll want to pack and carry 
with us as we'll be on the move a fair amount.  

a simple yellow sheet is the back of the quilt, bringing it into the front for the bias.  


i love, love, love the combination of colors.  these bring such delight and joy to the experience of creating.  it's been a quilt for soul care this week.  needed.  necessary.

lunch.  and dinner.  
local bread.  
rosemary pine nut shortbread ((not pictured)).

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