04 September 2012

sometimes i take my time...

photo taken by my boy this summer during vacation bible school.
this picture was sweet.  i ran across it this week as i downloaded pictures from the summer ((finally!)).  sometimes i take my time.

of course, i've mentioned how i take my time.  i realized a long time ago that time doesn't mean the same to me as others.  i was perfectly at home in kenya running on "africa time" where you don't go by the clock as much as when all are gathered.

so, with that said, i'm going to be using my own clock for the fall.  some things are scheduled, because we are in richmond, va, and folks do like clocks.  i love looking ahead, though i realize you need more notice for some plans as in 6 months vs. 6 weeks.  i'm trying.  truly.

i'm implementing for myself the writing hour. my hour might be 60 minutes or maybe an hour and 15 minutes like today.  however it rolls, and it's usually that i get lost in time, i'll be writing during that time.  i want to invest in my heart.  i am investing in the fullness of my soul work.

i feel good about the writing hour and know that much will spring up from the well within.  i'm dipping into that well, bringing up good waters that will quench thrist.

centering practices will continue.  meditation. rest. exercise. yoga. gardening. cooking.  the timing for each varies and nurtures me in varying increments.  i'm so drawn to giving a full hour to writing.

whew.  one day at a time.  rain dates are scheduled.  the hour can vary according to my needs and internal clock.  it maybe that consistency is key.  time will tell.  africa time?  suzanne time?  we'll see.

for now, it's established.   it's named.  and i've jumped in with both feet.

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