04 September 2012

on spirituality and nature: a trip in the woods.

we begin with sunset at big meadows.  my heart was carried to kenya at the same moment my love's was as well.  we were each thinking, feeling kenya.  as i took this photo he named it.  our hearts can be found in similar landscapes.  each time we journey into the woods, our spirits are fed.  our spirits are fed in differing ways, yet in the same space.  we need these times together as a family in the woods.  

our spirits. our hearts. our feet are rooted here.  

you have your own experience of spirituality and nature.  you may have more of a connection with a more polished, manicured garden. the botanical gardens feed me, too.  

for the deeper, more earthly connection.  i travel to the woods.  and i behold.  i step lightly. i follow trails and create paths of my own stepping.  i see the small. the tiny.  i listen. 

enjoy this selection of nature from our recent trip to skyline drive.  we spent four days and three nights camping.  it was wonderful.  the rain soothed our spirits and called us out.  it was good. so good.

what do you see?  what speaks to your spirit? 

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