06 September 2012

my creative tribe.


some of us in the tribe talk about being energized these days.  some of us look to be in a daze, moving from place to place.  we squeeze in every bit of togetherness we can in those quick morning and afternoon school routines.  we grab hold of that embrace and allow it to soak in, deep.

we look into each other's eyes and see the fatigue.  we see the busy working for ourselves and others look as we smile. that tired, i know you got this, smile.  that, oh, i love you, smile.  that, i see you and you are beautiful as you are, smile.

so much of the pace is our own making.  and so we're off!  running. skipping. jumping. sitting. dashing. shopping. cooking.  cleaning. gardening. showering.

no complaints.


sitting in the studio checking off some of the get-it-done list.  breathing in the space between projects to mark this moment.  ever so present to this moment.

watching the rain fall.  and it feels good.  the semi-dark and the light.

my creative tribe and i will gather in this space and in other spaces of our lives.  we're looking forward to sharing that goodness of being good for eachother.  being good to eachother.  being present as we are.  welcoming the soul.

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