30 September 2012

in-between: the breathing space.

for the last two weeks my family has dealt with simple, semi-traumatic moments.  my son bumped his head in the bathroom two sundays ago.  his injury was treated in the ER that evening.  his treament held in infection cells that grew over the school week and sent us to the ER with an eye nearly swollen shut a week later.  a three day, two night, five antibiotics ((four through IV)) stay took place in the last week.  he was fantastic.  having bear and blanket helped.  but really, it was him.  

and today it feels like a year later.

as a chaplain in the hospital and assisted living setting, i have visited hundreds and hundreds of rooms.  i have sat in chairs, on beds, and stood near.  i have shared tea and meals with many folks.  we have gathered at many tables.

this time.  this time was a first.

those who showed up for us, we truly thank.  it's a good, good thing to receive fresh morning coffee on a hospital guest tray, your favorite breakfast sandwich & tea from a friend.  new toys to engage the hands ((for my son)).   the meals prepared have been so thoughtful, arriving at just the right time.  and those who know best, truly: they know best, wait a week and are bringing a meal this week & next weekend.  thank you.

because.  mama's tired.

it's interesting where motherhood and ministry intersect when you're child is in the hospital.  i can't help but relate as a chaplain/minister.  it's there.  yet, the mama bear comes out, too.  thankfully.  my boy needed an advocate.  someone who had his back and asked questions.  my love and i were there for him.  there for each other.  i'm so, so thankful.


so i took a break.  a small break. i focused my reserves.  and...believe it or not, i worked on my writing. i finished off the final edits for my book proposal.  i saved it until the last day at the hospital.  and i sent it off the first day home!  fully integrated.  artist. mother. minister.  from the hospital chair near a window of a beautiful sky.  with my boy on the right meds.  with the right plan for healing.  i worked.

it felt good.

i think i've held in a bit of energy this week.  releasing.  relief.  celebration.  elation.

oh, life.  so much is held in the spaces between.  between the dishes.  between the meals.  between the IV doses, between ER trips.  between.

that's what's held in the breathing space this week.


  1. When my daughter was 12 she had major surgery and for months I was in the hospital. Mamma Bear took over and the minister in me had to take a back seat. I had to let others minister to me and my family. It was hard but all those good folks made it bearable. So glad your little one is doing better.

  2. Me, too, I'm so glad he's on the mend and smiling in that last photo. Thanks to Robin for sending me here from today's RevGalBlogPals post on Pondering Life's Challenges.