04 July 2012

self care truth no. 2.

holidays bring me home. 

when working for yourself and loving what you do, 
you tend to work a lot.  and all the time. 
i love these days that bring life to an almost hault. 
days that provide space for a new pace.  
where the day is filled with freedom to choose the next pace.  

so i dig in. 

these days remind me of the daily pace i want to have for myself.  i give myself permission to rest.  to clean.  to gather with friends.  to share.  the freedom of spontaneity.  i love. it.  today's time in the garden was soul food.  sitting.  listening.  making good food.  sounds like most any other day, right?  it is.  though it's the permission to do exactly what i want in a given moment that excites me.  to sleep in past 9 ((when has that happenend?)).  to play cards with my boys after a late lunch of hummus, veg, and fruits.  oh, it's a good pace.  it's a good space.  i am thankful for these self care days to just be.  and then to move forward and share presence with friends gathered to be together.

what do the holidays give you that feeds your soul?  

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