14 June 2012

a new project: the 100 club.

i have set a goal:  100 mixed media paintings in 100 days.  $100 each.  
10x10 inch canvas or wood.  ((that's 100 square inches.)) 

this is an ambitious undertaking.  it's also a collaboration between you + me.  i want these to be brought into the world with color and life.  are you called to put one in your home, office, or space?  to have life, these must be planted in the world.   they're like quilt blocks in a giant quilt that will be shared.  i'm so excited and ready to move forward!  

if you're so moved/called/interested in investing in the 100 club, please contact me.  i'd love to have you  in this group!  each will be numbered, signed, and dated. and a handfull have been claimed in the first 24 hours of sharing the plan.  i hope this project has the life i believe it will.  i'll post photos as each come to be!

xo. suzanne

the fine print:  you choose: canvas or wood, color story, and word(s) of wisdom.  you pay the shipping, unless local to RVA and can arrange pick up with me at the studio.  these paintings are normally $125 and take multiple days to create.  rather than one painting a day, the paintings will be made in batches over the 100 days, with some on the 3rd layer while others on the first, etc.  

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