31 May 2012

be brave and kind. soulsisters. an invitation to you.

there's something really magical about this message. there's something magical about the color and the life that encircles this wisdom.  there's something really meaningful, too.  

for so long, i've wanted to be brave.  i've longed for the space to show bravery. bravery.  a badge of courage and strength and resilience.  bravery in the face of some really sad stuff.  bravery when watching a 6 year old's friendly high five rejected again and again.  bravery to speak truth in the face of silence.  bravery to name what is unsettling.  bravery to be me. 

as patience and i embarked on the soulsister collaboration we sat at the table and shared food ((when we could remember to eat)) because just sitting together fed us.  just sharing stories of our lives and hopes and dreams fed us.  bravery.  it's a brave act to step into a collaborative space. it's brave to share your soul with another human being and to receive their soul's sharing as a gift. it's bravery to lean into your truth and live your call.  it's bravery to listen daily for wisdom and to speak it through a pen and paintbrush.  

patience told me about her need for and love of the words be brave and kind.  i listened.  and then i carried these words with me. night and day. i carried the words in my pocket. and i listened.  listening for the words to speak their truth in life.  i heard.  pen and paintbrush in hand. 

be brave and kind. 
a daily practice. 

do you have it figured out?  me either.  and that's o.k.  
life welcomes the practice.  life is.  life is full of crazy.  life is full of loss.  life is full of joy.  life is full. 

we make space for one another.  as we gather together at the studio table to create, folks share stories of their lives and i see their bravery. i see their kindness.  i learn from each of you what it means to be brave and kind.  i celebrate.  my spirit soars with appreciation as i am reminded again and again that bravery is here. in this breath.  in this step.  in these words.  

we are on a shared journey.  i'm thankful to be traveling alongside some amazing folks.  the tribe is forming.  ((echoing in the fibers of my being.))  with each new day that i'm able to hear a new story i am thankful.  what a gift!  thank you for sharing your soul.  your story.  your piece of the journey by stepping into your creativity and loving yourself well.  thank you for wrapping yourself in kindness and then sharing your kindness with others.  thank you ahead of time for participating in this endeavor!  i am humbled. and grateful.  

the community is linking hands.  join your hands to ours and send your image with be brave and kind whether you purchase the print or handwrite or draw your own sign and send it to patience@kindnessgirl.com.  gather with us.  

and visit patience's blog to comment for a chance to receive a 5x5 print before tomorrow at 11 p.m.  you can visit the shop for the assortment of soulsister goodness as well as the full line of silver tree art goods.  i'm amazed by the graduation and teacher gift love.  each of these are so brave and kind.  entering the world with knowledge, sharing what they know.  

join us...


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