21 February 2012

life stories: a snow day!

we're headed to the big hill.

looking up from halfway back up the big hill. 
run 1.

beholding beauty at the top.  

looking up. 

heading home.

run #2 was memorable as my sweet boy and i tumbled down the very last patch on the big hill.  i can't say what happened to cause us to tumble and roll, snow meeting face as our bodies tumbled together.  oh, my.  all i could think about was "is my boy safe?"  he laid there with his arms and legs outstreched, eyes closed.  

a moment later he remarked, "that was horrible."  
"yes, but can you walk?" 
"no. i can't walk."
 catching my breath, "yes, but we need to move so that no sled runs into us." 
and then he jumped up very quickly and ran. ran. ran.  

we talked about that run down the hill again and again.  after that we created some shorter runs to sled.  then he was ready for hot chocolate. 

memories.  usually it's his dad or one of his uncles on the sled with him.  
what a morning! 

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