21 February 2012

life stories: on the art of listening. sitting still.

along with morning mindfulness, clearing space and returning items to their place, i am embracing the rhythms that surround me. i listen.  i learn.  

standing in the light of my truth.

i listen to my body and my spirit.  i aim to see what returns to routine in this winter-ish season.  with the weather so fickle, my hope is to embrace the season of winter from deep within.  this season of hibernation and slowness.  this season of comfort foods and blankets and mugs filled with hot goodness.  a season of sitting still and listening.

a season of stillness.

as my friend & spiritual guide gena tells me: sit, sit, sit.  sitting still has been such a good practice.  yoga is good.  breathing is good.  lighting my candle is good.  some practices need set times while others need to occur spontaneously.  each meet a need within me.

each season of lent i enjoy adding a daily practice to my rhythms.  for this lenten season, i will sit.  i will sit for 20 minutes each day.  i will sit and listen.  i may be distracted, but i will hold myself to the light.

of course it makes complete sense to me that at a time where my business is picking up.  where my art is creating spaces of stillness and reflection for others.  where my schedule is filled.  i must make time to sit.  and i must honor the spaces where i sit.  as gena tells me, those spaces will be blessed.

i will also return to my daily practice of yoga, one that i've let slide here and there to take care of adding an extra meeting into the day and so on.  yoga has been a steady practice that creates a space for wholeness. that is my space for returning to a practice.

whether you give up or give to lent, what practices do you find yourself drawn to in this season?  

a short list of suggestions for lenten practices: 

eat whole foods.
write daily.
handwrite a card and mail it.  daily. 
drink more water. 
light a candle. sit or stand in the light of that candle for 3 to 5 to 7 minutes. 
make a gratitude list daily in a journal or on a scrap of paper.
bake and take something to share with another.  ((bread, brownies, a pie, etc.))
de-clutter one space, one item, or one bag a day. 
sit in a quiet place for 7 to 10 minutes.  ((you can sit in your car if there's no where else.))
write yourself a message a day.  celebrate your goodness.
lean into wisdom, listen to her gentle nudges.  
listen to others.  really listen. 
ding dong ditch. 
share kindness.  
plan & plant a spring garden.  
take a walk.
give up one myth daily.  ((inner critic: i'm not good enough, etc.)) 
give up sugary drinks.  
drink a cup of hot tea.  savor it.
practice yoga.
delight in the every day.
seek the sacred through a daily task: washing dishes, sweeping, folding laundry.

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