05 February 2012

colors of my day. 2.5.2012

feeling a little spunky tonight.  saying hello from the kitchen. 

a happy, spunky hello! 

lighting a candle for evening prayers. 

sending love and light.

shaking the mindfulness jar.  thankful for spenge for so many reasons. thank you, spenge, for showing me your jar in your kitchen window.  jo's beautiful green has glitter to match!  spenge linked to chasing the firefly for instructions.  my sweet boy had made a color experiment using watercolors+water ((i think)) and we added glitter + a little mrs. meyers dish soap per spenge's suggestion.  the mindfulness jar works quite well with its sparkly goodness.  we'll have these as make-and-take party favors for jo's 6th birthday this year.

speaking wisdom.  truly. this practice is so i can listen to wisdom.  so many times last year i became aware of those moments of knowing wisdom had spoken and i didn't listen.  i was close and knew i should listen, but i moved quickly past her voice.  i decided to listen.  to really listen.  and here we are.  

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