02 January 2012

thrive. a word to live by in 2012.

i love that point when you decide you want something greater.  you want to thrive.  you want to move into abundance and be surrounded by goodness.  you encircle yourself with those you love who love you.  you open your arms wide, ready for what is to come.

believe me, i stay busy.  busy bee is my vintage elements jewelry line.  busy, busy bee i am.  yet, so much of what i do gives me energy.  being alive to witness the beauty of color, the stories that surround, and the natural world.  i love learning from wise ones.  i love my relationships with so many wonderful people.

yes.  happy thoughts.  optimism.  goodness.  reflection.

i witness a fair amount of sadness and grief.  i encounter difficult, life changing stories.  they become a part of the brush strokes as i paint.  their grief is seen and felt and heard.  and i cry.  i share tears and i remember their stories again and again.  a bereavement group doesn't end in the 7 week group format.  each story of grief lives inside of me.  each miscarriage.  each baby that dies to SIDS.  each spouse that leaves this world with a love whose heart breaks to the point of not sleeping or sleeping too much.  each young person who loses a parent.  each sibling. each grandparent and great grandparent who grieves.

these stories can be a lot to carry.  these stories are sacred.  entrusted.  these stories are a gift.  such a gift.

while i don't talk about the sadness that often, i find that to be okay.  i'll share my heart where i am.  i'll share my life story.  i'll hold onto the others.  i'll listen to them whispering to me as i create.

i create and i process much of what i hear.  i create and i sink into the sacred.  i create and i know that my hands are where they need to be.  i revive my soul.  i am nourished.  i am risking everything and nothing. i am becoming.  i am.

as i move into these days i carry a word that i began using the end of 2011.  thrive.

i want to thrive as an artist.  i want to thrive as a mother.  i want to thrive as a love to my love.  i want to thrive as a minister. i want to thrive physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

i know myself pretty well.  i know what sucks energy from me ((negativity, fatigue/lack of sleep, selfishness, arrogance)).  i know what gives me energy ((sitting near kindred spirits, gathering creative lovelies, creating, mothering, witnessing life, truth telling)).  i know how to love my body ((yoga, deep breathing, positive thinking & optimism, trail running, spending time outdoors, meditating, sitting in the light, eating well, living with a whole heart, opening to the sacred within)).  keeping my center often means living with wisdom.

wisdom comes through our bodies.  wisdom comes through gentle nudges and whispers. wisdom enters through the voices of our kindred spirits.  wisdom comes from the earth.  ((listen.  the earth worms are wise.))  wisdom can pour herself into your veins and speak through your gut.  she can enter and speak through your voice.

this year. i am letting wisdom speak.  i am welcoming each day as i have done before.  i am embracing a new way of naming: thrive.  i will thrive.  i will create.  i will love.  i will share.

may it be so.


2010's one word was create.  in 2011, i chose to BE.  see the post here.

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