01 December 2010

reverberations: one word: day 1.

a new task for the month of December.

December 1 One Word.
Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word.

as i encounter a new task for myself this month, one that will flow nicely into my natural rhythms of reflection, i add the imagery that is taking shape: a pebble is dropped in a pool of water. the circles surrounding the space made in the water for the pebble move beyond. the pebble's presence is felt and moves throughout for an unknown space. the pebble has an effect that's seen and felt, even if the pebble is no longer visible.

2010's word has been without a doubt: CREATE.

from the Called To Create journey to capturing the light in the new studio space, the path of the year has been to create. to create spaces where stories can be shared. to create spaces of safety and truth where healing can happen through grief, anger, and despair. to create time for my family and for myself. to create a path of my own, all for me. to create steps that lead into the next. to create a life that is lived well, loved well, and present in each moment, each step. to create art. to create love. to create peace and good energy. to create using the richness of color and materials already present in the world. to create stories with those i love. to create through my wisdom and to hear her voice more clearly each time she speaks. to create a space for the child within me to be loved and supported as herself.

for 2011's word, i can only hope that i am able to BE. to be present. to be wild. to be free. to BE me. to be.

this day. this moment. i create spaces within myself for the creative births that take shape. i reflect on hope and where hope is met. i create using words, sounds, and colors. i stitch something special that i hope creates a connection between my son and his parents as we journey apart some of this month. i create memories. for each step, each moment, each hope fulfilled. i give thanks.

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