23 January 2012

mindful moments: an exercise in listening to wisdom.

introducing a new practice of bringing my art+spirit work onto the blog.  mindful moments will invite you to a space of connecting with the sacred through a creative act or practice.  i invite you to connect with me, letting me know how you experience this practice.  these are a gift for each of us.

Grab a piece of paper & something to write with. Make it something large enough for you to write on. Can be anything. Paper from the recycling and a crayon works. Post it note & pen.

Still yourself from within by drawing in three deep breaths. Five if you need them. ((Count to 5 breathing in.  Count to 5 breathing out. Quiet yourself in each breath.))

Close your eyes and ask yourself what you most need to hear in this moment.  Allow your inner wisdom to speak. If you don't hear anything, do not become anxious.  Just breathe.

Now, breathe in those words, feelings, or thoughts. Take a moment to write, draw, name what wisdom your soul is speaking to you in this moment.

Place that scrap of wisdom in a space you'll see it. Tape it to your mirror or put it in the windowsill or on the fridge. Repeat this practice as needed.
... Be Gentle. Love. Be Loved. ...

Just be.  xo.

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