10 January 2012

colors of my day: a day in the studio.

where i stand. 

what i hold.  ((a brand spankin' new tasha mckelvey mug!))

a custom creation. 

playing with the new camera.  
maybe not the best in this little "photo shoot" but one i like and share here.

and one photo i love.  i see myself doing this all the time. 
holding a camera and snapping photos.  
((my new canon rebel T3. now realizing my 35mm is a nikon.))

capturing beauty. celebrating this moment.

getting to know the camera.  a little at a time. 

me.  not sure what this photo says other than: 
she likes her hair out of her face while she works.  
((while when in the sun & wind, lets it fly.))

she sits.  she creates. she captures.  
she listens.  
she writes.  she works.  
she dwells.  she celebrates.  

looking forward to capturing a few moments to come and sharing with you here. 


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