30 July 2011

life stories: colors of my day.

making ginger beer in my favorite vintage juice jar.

admiring the wood grain of our new pie safe, an old, old family piece.
((older than any current living family member. i'll investigate its age))

surveying the space within the pie safe & all the goodness it holds.

hanging crocheted trivets inside the pie safe door.  
((made by my maternal grandmother, if memory serves me.))

our game of sorry! as seen on our break.  

life stories. movements in our home throughout the day.  we live well in our cozy home.  
we're happy here.  happy together enjoying these summer days.  

we were given family pieces recently and are enjoying the process of going through & sorting.  choosing what gives life to our home and what we want to be surrounded by.  i'm often reminded to be surrounded by beauty.  i choose such.  i choose to be surrounded by beauty: by stories sometimes horrific, but beautiful.  friends who share life in their truth-telling.  beauty in what we eat, what we share.  beauty in what fills my thoughts and my words. 

often i can become a little anxious that my words do not capture the fullness of our life story, but i realize that i only promise glimpses & ponderings.  i promise truth and authenticity.  with so many blogs in the world, i want what i say to be unique and true.  yet, we hold a common story.  each of us tap into the same creative spirit.  we have so many circles of truth that surround us all.  so i let go of those that borrow my voice while they search for their own.  i hear and receive the words that are blessing when others say i'm a "trend setter" and offer words that bless others to create from within.  in fact, YES! that's a part of my calling.  i'll name it and seek abundance as i write words one after the other until my book is complete.  ((and yes, i'll need to actually have a book deal to see it come fully to life.  i absolutely believe in the birthing process of this good work.  i've been talking about it for years! time to see her come to life, as another book idea has come to mind, along with other blocks to carve and retreats to hold.))

so, in simplicity and depth, i offer these colors of our day.  moments where i am moved to tears to know that my sweet boy will soon start kindergarden.  moved to delight that our plum jam & many canned jars have a home.  moved to speak and to speak well.  words have power.  words have abundance.  

life is good, friends.  be blessed.  
receive your blessings well this day.  
lean into your truth.  

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