29 July 2011

in the studio: creativity circle ((july edition.))

i've become increasingly aware of witnessing each other's journey.  while i recognize my intuition, i sometimes undervalue the importance of simply witnessing another's journey, another's story in motion.  with each circle in the studio, i find myself drawn into the lifes of those who share.  each brings a presence that changes the atmosphere of the space.  each breaths in her own way, with her own rhythm.  she creates.  she creates ripples of love that surround her.  she creates a story that allows her to be present to the moment, present to her heart, present to her spirit.  

she encounters the sacred within. 

she comes... to make a space for truth.

she sits... and recognizes the power of the present moment. 

she waits... to become enveloped with love, surrounded by birthing waters.

she listens... as she recognizes that in juggling not all parts receive equal attention. 

each of these gatherings become valuable to those who participate.  you receive what you expect.  you give what you are called to give.  you leave more at peace than you arrived. 

i love, love, love facilitating and the gift of facilitating.  i love, love, love the gift of witnessing and being witnessed.  i love, love, love the ability to dream and life and love fully, here in this space.  i continue that love from the art+spirit studio here with you, inviting you to share yourself, breathing fully.  breathing from your sacred soul.  breathing from the well of life that is within you.  

life well. love well. be well. 
be whole. 


create peace from within.


  1. I loved, loved participating. Thank you for the experience. I felt so refreshed afterwards.

  2. kristal,
    you're a lovely part! i'm so glad that you felt refreshed. that's so much of what the time can bring through relaxation, breathing, & creative expression.

    i hope that you will join us again and again!