25 April 2011

life stories: family camping.

we enjoyed a rather impromptu camping trip as a family this week.  
what a glorious way to mark spring and to mark spring break.  

after setting up camp, we took a hike.  
my sweet boy with his walking stick and an apple, 
we journeyed down to the creek and took note of what we saw. 

of course i must take photos of round objects and moss.  
here this log meets both loves. 

many of the ferns were unfurling and others were in their complete glory.  
i love the way ferns open up, revealing their color and shape.

walking toes. 

a space for a quiet walk in the woods. 

and space for yoga.  while lying on my mat, looking up into the trees, i was completely relaxed.  seeing the trees move with the breeze carried me into meditation on their presence and beauty.

i moved with the trees. 

and i remained still, watching and waiting.  being present to myself. present to my loves.

present to the fire. present to the gift of this time together.  

while packing and menu planning for this impromptu trip were somewhat strained for a few of those moments, we found ourselves opening up to the beauty that surrounds us. we were open to our time together, the sounds of the wind, and the open spaces of life lived together.  we found ourselves resting in each other's company. we were called to create this time for each other in these wonderful spaces of creation. 

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