24 April 2011

cheers to Spring Bada Bing! 2011

i am thankful to my friend kacey of found studio who took these great photos! here you see a close up of some of my mixed media & fiber art wears.

my display remains full of handmade goodness. 

kacey's work connects to my soul in so many ways.  
i love her circles, her use of color, the shapes and images that she is so good at creating.  
her vines, birds, yoga poses... oh, i could obtain one of all! find her work online at found studio.

i love the setup that kacey and scott have created as well.  
so much goodness from the work of her hands!

and a true sister and kindred spirit!

here's the lovely and talented tasha mckelvery pottery.  i love her handmade goodness as well.  so much love goes into each bird, hedgehog, flower, squirril. tasha is a woman who understands the details and creates art that shares that love with the world.  

i even got to put my hair up and hold kacey & scott's sweet hazel! 
what a fantastic treat to celebrate the end of Spring Bada Bing 2011!

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