06 January 2011

the spirituality of bread making

bread making is a sacred task. you use ingredients from the spaces & soil of the earth to create something that fills your body with what it needs. you adjust to your body's needs as well: wheat, wheat-free, dairy-free, whole grain...

you use your hands and you find yourself willing to devote a small amount of time to the task. making your own bread brings a sense of warmth, smells of divine baking, and happy, happy friends & family. besides that, you're making your own bread.

you can use the time to make, bake, and share bread as a spiritual practice. i'll be sharing more on the spirituality of baking bread, but wanted to give you something to think about as i lead workshops on this topic over the next two days.

where does your daily bread come from? are you creating your bread: what you need for your daily growth in mind + body + spirit? if your soul is thirsty, are you spending time trying to give yourself the water to drink? if you crave something more, know something more is within you, are you giving the space for the creativity within to grow?

making bread is about a pursuit of presence in daily living. it's about taking something simple and seeing it's simple. knowing that you can, you can make your own bread. you can feed your soul. you can use your wisdom. you can.

if you're saying YES! to making bread, here's a place to start: Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.

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