05 January 2011

life stories: sacred steps with my love.

my life adventure isn't complete without these feet. his steps fall in line with mine. we travel together well, between the spaces of daily living in our home life, work life, and play. we travel well as we care for and teach our son to live well. we travel well as we celebrated our 7th anniversary mostly in the newark airport, then returning home to family. we deal well with life's mysteries and with change. we adapt well, together.

he stirs my soul. he grants me peace. he's my greatest encourager through this life journey creating space for art, ministry, and motherhood. he's never questioned me, except to ask when i'll take the leap, when i'll move in the direction of my heart.

my heart warms as i look at the steps of our life thus far. we're in it together, whatever mood, whatever circumstance. for each step, for each moment, i am thankful. i can't imagine it otherwise. standing in this sacred circle of giant's ring, i see the love. my love is my one-and-only-true-love (inspired by a beautiful, beautiful love of 25 years as my friend described her love). it's true. it's good. it's creative.

who do you create life with or hope to? what love-of-your-life stirs your soul and makes your heart sing, even when you have those moments of frustration and pooh?

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