21 January 2011

creative love: shop update + friendship

in honor of friendship, kindred spirits, and my soul friend jayme, i've created some fun, lively prints. each of my friends creates sunshine in my life, so it's fitting to see the golds. they encircle me with the birthing waters as some function as creative midwives, a part of the creativity within me coming to life. the colors move from our core out into the world that surrounds us. the world is better because of the good energy, love, and compassion we share for one another. we become better people.

so, as folks think about lovey-dovey hearts and cupids and boxes of chocolate, i think of these lovelies in my life who make me bloom. i'm sure you have a few, too.

and so... each of these are available in my etsy shop as reproduction prints (my first to offer) for $12 each. combined shipping saves $ and you can have a set of three or 5 lovelies that tell your own story of friendships you share. enjoy these. enjoy friends. enjoy this day.

who feeds your soul? who brings life to you? pause and send love their way. breathe deeply, allowing yourself the space to name them, send gratitude for their presence, and feel within your soul what they bring to life.

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