03 December 2010

life stories: studio blessing

i'm having a studio blessing with a small group of folks. the studio has been blessed through the creativity circle, through birthday celebration, pep talks, good visits, creativity, and introductions. it's been blessed through many hands creating, painting, unloading, sharing, and loving. i'm so, so glad for this space.

i invite you to participate using your voice...

i want to enlarge the circle of blessing by inviting you to write a sentence or two as words of blessing for the "wish jar" that we'll be creating. it's a jar that will have rolled up pieces of paper containing blessings for those who need to reach in, read, and hold on tight.

i'll collect your words and print them out using good fonts. i'll roll them up and stash them in the jar. the jar will be in the studio available for folks to reach in anytime they need. it's a good space, this studio. it's a good space, this blog. it's a good space, this wish jar. thank you!

i've created my button blessings that are available in my etsy shop if you'd like one for yourself written in my hand. it's meant to be a good word that you need to hear, to speak, to hold in the right moment.

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