05 October 2010

a prayer for rainbows...

photo ©the small object, 2010. used with permission.
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a prayer inspired by rainbow babies and the sadness coming from recent reports found here and here.

between the hopes of parent no. 1 and parent no. 2 a child is born into a dreamy landscape, filled with possibilities and horizons. between the uncertainties of person no. 1 and person no. 2 a child is born into a fearful landscape, filled with taunts and rotten tomatoes.

between the hopes and fears of each of us, creator god, bring to our hearts love. bridge fears with knowledge & understanding and dreams with space & awareness. bring us to the spaces in our own hearts where fears and hopes do not drive out what is in the present: children, youth, and adults whose lives are blooming into being.

bring into our eyes the spaces in our creative lives where rainbows are present. where lives are the rainbows. where the way we live is creative and blessed. where our steps go to create paths of peace for the children and youth and adults to follow.

let not another boy or girl be ridiculed into taking their life by a rope or a bullet or a pill. let not another child born receive such sadness and hate and misunderstanding as each develops into the being each born to be. let the rainbow babies among us grow strong, grow healthy, and grow wise.

we are in this together, source of life, and we recognize the spaces we are called to encourage, to love, and to bear witness.

may each of us come into the full awareness of our being, whether on a path straight or curved, uphill or across a meadow. may each of us come into the full awareness of our being, whether held by the hand of a wise elder or with the hands of our peers among us. may the hands that guide us into the full awareness of our being be good stewards of their task, offering love, wisdom and care.

may others see not only the goodness in our lives, but our lives in their sacred form. may we each see each other's lives as we are made to live them: creative, sacred, and loved.

may each step lead us closer into the full awareness of who we are. may we become centered on the sacred within us and the sacred of you that surrounds us. may we use those loving spaces to encircle those who suffer, who are on the path to understanding their creative self, who are entrusted to us as babies, as kindred spirits, as children, and as strangers unknown yet known. may we be the space where their roots are planted and nurtured well. may the rainbows thrive as we live, breathe, and have our being rooted in the daily practices of life.

may each live to see the change taking place. may rainbows be seen now and for years to come.


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