06 October 2010

life stories: light within & light surrounding

there are many, many jars in my world. jars of black beans, magic beans, and loose tea. jars of vanilla bean sugar, honey, and rice. jars of buttons, ribbons, and treasures. each jar contains something of a story, a mystery, or imagination. some jars contain food for the body while others food for the mind & soul. i think of these vessels much like what we have contained within us: stories, mysteries, and imaginative lives. we have dreams and hopes and desires. we have passion within us. yes, the P word: passion. we take delight in color, in texture, and in image. we love this world. we love what you can do with old buttons, a bit of paint, and with lots of good light, what stops us?

of course there are darker days ahead, as we transition into fall and then winter. my heart aches during winter for the light of the summer. i am a leo, born into light and fire. i am one who seeks warmth and sun and shine. these are ingredients in need in my vessel, my body.

if i were cared for in a way that my terrarium is cared for, with the right elements layered in the right light, i would be self-sufficient all while relying on the resources that surround me.

so, my studio is being set up much in the way i create my terrariums: offering the layers of love and care, the good soil, proper drainage and sometimes a little something for refining. my wisdom enters this space like light, and when i open the doors and invite you in, i want you to feel the warmth. i want you to breathe in good, deep breaths that speak to you all the way to your toes. i want your spirit to soar and your feet to be planted in the good earth of the present. i want you to know your spirit and your creativity and your good presence here and now. i want you to grow. i'll do the same in this space, sharing the good light with you and others. you'll bless the space with your presence and i hope to do the same.

and i'll continue to look for the light in all spaces: the light that shines into my car as i travel from home to studio, taking in the good sun and giving thanks for a new day. i'll carry this sacred space within me where ever i go, and i'll open it up from time to time and let the light in. then i'll sometimes, in those really good and present moments, open it up and share some of my light with the world. maybe then we'll each stand in the light and recognize the truth within us, whatever that means to each of us, and give thanks.

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