01 October 2010

life stories: a little paint & a lotta love

day 1: creating space.
these are a few of the highlights from the day's
work preparing the new studio space.

the first rolls, testing the color in the morning light.

returning to the space, painting with my boy.
i love the help from these hands of my son. what a sweet moment.
we took turns, so i could smooth over what his hands helped create.

soon half of one wall was complete, with a little more edging on the corner.

and a little afternoon light graced us with its presence.
i hear the studio will get roasty toasty in the summer heat.
good thing we're moving in the fall
and will have time for those preparations.

i'm beginning to think of this as a robin's nest. lovely.

thanks be for my sweet one and his eager help, for friends who offer support and cheer colors, and for the hands to come who will bless the space with their participation and presence. ah, these are good moments, in a good space, with so much more to come...

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